Lake Shootout 2017 comes with excitement and changes

An estimated one-hundred-thousand people are expected at the Lake of the Ozarks for the Lake Shootout 2017 (KRCG)

An estimated 100,000 people are expected at the Lake of the Ozarks this weekend for the Lake Shootout 2017.

This year's shootout comes with changes designed to make the event safer for both racers and spectators. For the past 28 years, the race has been a 1-mile long course.

Due to safety concerns at the Lake Shootout and at other race locations, this year's race will be shortened to three-fourths of a mile long.

"We made the conscience effort to try and slow them down just a little bit, keep everybody safe, make sure they're going home on Sunday night," organizer Ron Duggan said.

Changes have alao been made to the no-wake zone. Boaters should note the normal no-wake zone from the 31 mile marker to the 36 mile marker has now been extended to the 24 mile marker.

"I think they do a pretty good job and the highway state patrol does a really quality job with keeping everything in tact and keeping everybody safe," annual attender, Brandon Case said. Case has enjoyed the Lake Shootout for four years, and recognizes the importance of safety

"Everybody's tied up, really awesome environment, you know a lot of good music and you get to watch a lot of really cool boats," he said.

Case will be among the thousands of people to watch the Shootout from the water as part of the lake community.

"We'll have over 700 volunteers that help with this event," Duggan said. "We have people who take their vacations to volunteer to help for this event."

Organizer Ron Duggan said the lake community is one big family, and that is the only way the event continues to be a success.

Races are scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday and can be watched by water or by shore at Captain Ron's.

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