Lake murders remain mystery

It was a cool calm night on October 2nd, when William Van Note and Sharon Dickson were shot to death in their high security lake front home. How did the gunman get into couples bedroom? Did the shooter leave by boat or car? How didn't neighbors hear anything? All questions that remain unanswered.

D ickson died at the scene, Van Note was taken to a Columbia hospital and died four days later. Both were shot three times.

V an Note and Dickson were from Liberty, Missouri. It's a town of about 30,000 people just north of Kansas City. He was a wealthy business man and accountant, she owned a flower shop, they were together for nearly 20 years spending much of their time at their Sunrise Beach home.

F riends and former employees of the couple said the two went on lavish vacations. Sharon was known for her extravagant jewelry. They spent winters in Florida, and summers at the lake.

N eighbors described them as "happy", "friendly", and "social".

B ut was their a secret behind all the homes, boats and money?

F riends talked about a rocky relationship between Van Note and his daughter Liz.

C amden County Captain, Gary Bowling said, "We've interviewed family members, we've interviewed friends, business associates, its been a multi-state thing. We've went several different places within the country."

S ources also told us police explored a possibility that Dickson had an affair. We asked if a love interest be responsible for the killings? Police wouldn't comment.

A uthorities also looked into another lake shooting from two years ago, where a gunman approached a home late at night, came inside and shot the homeowner.

B owling said, We have looked at that exhaustively and can find no connection what so ever between the two incidents.

C ould the shootings have been a professional hit? A neighbor told us Liz Van Note said her father was shot twice in the stomach and once in the temple. Once again authorities wouldn't comment saying it could hurt the investigation.