Lake murder case similar to other unsolved shooting

In 2008, then 60 year old Bob Metcalf said a man came on to his deck about 10:00 at night. He told Metcalf he had boat trouble and needed to use the phone. Metcalf went inside to retrieve the phone and didn't lock the door behind him, the gunman came in and shot Metcalf three times. Metcalf survived the shooting. Police believe the suspect left in a boat, and Camden County Police said Tuesday that case has never been solved.

It was a similar situation around 11:00 Saturday night. While we don't know how the gunman got in the couples home, we do know that is when the suspect shot 59 year old Sharon Dickson three times in a bedroom, according to neighbors. Her longtime boyfriend, William Van Note, was also shot three times but somehow managed to call 9-1-1, according to a police source.

P olice haven't released any information about a suspect, and in both the 2008 case and this one authorities say the victims were not random, they believe they were targeted for some reason. In the most recent case neighbors can't believe they didn't hear anything unusual.

G eorge Wallace said, You see how quiet it is, you don't hear a firecracker. We haven't had a break-in. We haven't had anything stolen, nothing."

A lso in both cases, the gunman didn't attempt to rob the victims even though wallets could have been easily stolen, the gunman simply shot the victims and left.