Lake lovers flock for July 4 holiday

Boaters hit the water on July 4.

People are flocking to the Lake of the Ozarks for the July 4 holiday weekend.

"We're gonna go play on the dock, we're gonna go see the fireworks tonight, take a boat ride, ride the jet skis...drink beer...and all that" St. Louis resident Jack Walsh said.

"We've been shooting off fireworks, and then we came here to get some stuff, and we'll go all around the lake, swim, everything," 11-year-old Ian Romid, of Tipton, said.

Others are looking forward to a more relaxing time.

"Just a good getaway and escape from all the city life, you know?" St. Charles resident Mike Levin said.

For many people, like Ian Romid, spending the July 4 holiday at the Lake is a tradition.

Others are hoping to start a new tradition for future generations.

"I just got married three months ago, my sister's getting married in two months, so it's something we're gonna keep doing every year, I think," Kansas City resident Kyle Clizer said.

Annika and Elizabeth Jahr travel with their family to the Lake of the Ozarks from Wisconsin each year, but this year is their first time spending July 4 at the Lake.

"There's a lot more people than there usually is when we come down here," Annika said.

"And we're gonna watch the fireworks on the lake tonight so that will be a first for us," Elizabeth added.

But no matter where they came from, everyone agreed that the perfect weather has made for the perfect three-day weekend.