Lake area woman says contractor not repairing damage

Vicki Sucher says she has been pushing Summit Natural Gas and Midwest Utilities to finish repairing this section of her yard for two months after it was dug up without her knowledge.

A Lake area woman says contractors for Summit Natural Gas dug up her yard without telling her and have not finished repairing the damage.

Vicki Sucher told KRCG 13 Thursday when a neighbor wanted to get onto the natural gas line serving her cul-de-sac this winter, Midwest Utilities, which installed and maintained the line on Summit Natural Gas' behalf, discovered it needed to modify the natual gas line at a point in her front yard. She was spending the winter in Tennessee, and she said workers dug up her yard without first contacting her. They damaged her irrigation system and her electric dog fence in the process. Sucher discovered the damage when she returned home on April 4 and has been trying to get the contractor to repair the damage ever since.

Sucher said the contractor filled in the hole and did some irrigation repairs after she threatened legal action, but her dog fence is still not working and she still needs sod replaced. She said she is starting to wonder whether her decision to get natural gas service a year ago was worth it.

"I had big hopes that natural gas would be great, but right now, I think I'd rather have my propane back," she said.

KRCG 13 has called Summit Natural Gas' parent company, Summit Utilities, several times for this and related stories. Company officials did not return calls, but they sent a brief statement on Thursday afternoon. It reads, "Summit does not comment on pending or potential litigation. However, please be aware that Summit strives to be responsive to any individual impacted by pipeline construction. Anyone who has a concern may contact us directly to discuss."