Koster sues three Mid-Missouri home-repair businesses

Three Mid-Missouri businesses are among 16 home-repair firms targeted for legal action by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, who claims they defrauded customers.

In a news release, Koster said complaints about home repair and remodeling businesses are common, particularly after storms. He says there have been more than 330 complaints so far this year.

The Mid-Missouri businesses he is suing include:

-Switzer Construction in Boone County. Koster alleges owner Cory Smith took at least $21,000 from eight customers without performing roof and deck work as promised.

-St. Clair Windows and Doors in Cole County. Koster says owner Ronald Spielman took at least $9,000 from two people while failing to do promised work or performing substandard work.

-Kremer Construction in Cole County. Koster charges owner Paul Kremer took $4,000 from two consumers for roofing, gutter, and siding replacement and did little or no work.

Most of the remaining businesses are in the St. Louis area. Koster says the lawsuit affects at least 80 Missouri homeowners who lost about $360,000.