'Know your limit' demonstrates smart driving

Police tested participants' blood alcohol levels to educate them on the dangers of drunk driving.

Prom and graduation season is quickly approaching, and that means celebrations and parties...some of which include alcohol.

Columbia police set up at Tenth and Broadway streets tonight in the heart of the downtown bars to allow people to test their blood alcohol content for free, and without consequences.

Officers asked participants to have a ride home with a designated driver, or with a taxi service.

Many people were surprised with their results, but the officers not so much.

"A lot of people don't realize how close they are to the legal limit or how far over they are, so I think it's going to be a good event for people to go, 'whoa I've only drank this, but I'm that high.' I think it will be a shock to some people's systems," said CPD DWI enforcement offier Lori Simpson.

A few students who tested their limit said they wouldn't drive even if they did have a car downtown.

Officers said the event is the first of it's kind in the city, and a good education tool for people since everyone has a different tolerance level.