Kindergarten parents share their excitement ahead of first day of school

Students will begin August 17 at Jefferson City Public Schools (KRCG 13)

The start of the school year for many in mid-Missouri will be next week and for some parents this will be their first time sending their child off to kindergarten.

'We've not seen the nerves yet. It's just every morning she asks is today the day I get to go. She's just dying to go more than anything," Ryan White said.

Ryan and Catherine White will be first time Kindergarten parents when school starts on August 17.

As a P.E. teacher at Cedar Hill Elementary School, the first day of school is already exciting but this year is special because Ryan's 5-year-old daughter Sophia will be joining him.

Assistant to the Superintendent, Elementary Education, Lorie Rost, said in her 24 years with Jefferson City Public Schools the first day of school can be tougher on the parents.

"The kids come in. They're a little apprehensive but then they see the other kids here. They see the classroom. They want to come in, interact and meet their teacher. It's harder for the kindergarten parents sometimes to let go.

The Whites believe the transition should be smoother because Ryan will be at the school but there are still a mix of emotions.

"It is sad but I think it's exciting at the same time. It seems like just yesterday that we were bringing her home from the hospital and now the countdown is on," Catherine said.

But the preparation for the big day has kept them busy.

"You got to get all your shots done, you have to have your shot records, school supplies, backpack," Catherine said. "And decide whether you're going to get school lunch or pack a lunch, all the little details."

But Rost said to see the kids' excitement when they come home makes it all worth it.

For more information on how to register your kindergartner in Jefferson City, click here. If you're enrolling your child into kindergarten in Columbia, click here.

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