Kids and technology: The good and the bad

Children are being exposed to smart phones and tablets at younger ages.

Smart phones and tablets are becoming more common among children, and it seems like children are getting these products at a younger age.

Apps on these products can help children practice math and learn history, but too much time spent in the virtual world instead of the real world can come at a price to children's social development.

"It doesn't develop empathy or awareness of another person and that awareness of another person is really important in our society. And the i-products encourage the lack of awareness of another know 'oh excuse me I have a phone call'...So it is teaching different definitions of things like respect," Judy Wieberg of Spring Grove Counseling said.

Wieberg said it's up to the parents to set limits and make rules regarding technology usage. She said often times, parents think of the smart phones and tablets as the child's property and are hesitant to take them away.

Jefferson City mom Hydi Godsey said she has no problem taking her daughters' phones away. In fact, that was the case when she spoke with KRCG 13 on Friday.

"I took the laundry basket and everything that was electronic, from the remote control to the cell phone and the car keys, got put in the laundry basket for 24 hours," Godsey said.

Her older daughter, Madi, said taking away her phone is good punishment.

"I can't live without my phone. It lays on my bed when I sleep. That's the first thing I look at in the morning," Madi said.

Wieberg said she thinks the benefits outweigh the costs when it comes to kids and technology, but gave parents some advice on how to handle their kids, smart phones and tablets.

"Awareness of where they are, physically, emotionally....and what you want to do is build honesty and trust," she said.