Kidnapping victim escapes

Jeffrey Muller was kidnapped from New Jersey Friday.

Three eastern Missouri men are behind bars Sunday in Miller County after the New Jersey man they kidnapped escaped in Lake Ozark.

Douglas Stangeland, 46, of Nevada, Mo., along with Andrew Wadel, 21, and Lonnie Swarnes, 44, both from Rich Hill, Mo. are all in jail.

The three men kidnapped 59-year-old Jeffrey Muller early Friday morning from the parking lot of his pet food store in Newton, Nj., according to Lake Ozark police.

Police say they Tasered Muller before pulling him into a car and binding his hands and feet.

The suspects' vehicle broke down at a convenience store in Lake Ozark early Saturday and that's when Muller managed to free his hands and escape, according to police.

A convenience store employee saw Muller trying to get away and called the cops.

Muller was treated for minor injuries at Lake Regional Hospital. He will be escorted home after New Jersey authorities travel to Lake Ozark to complete their investigation.

Stangeland, Wadel, and Swarnes are being held with no bond.

They all face charges of kidnapping, restraint, and assault, in addition to weapons charges.