Keep Calm and Carry On

What the heck happened? is what everyone asked when I showed them pictures of my kitchen.

So here's the story behind it:

I returned home late one night this week and as I walked into the kitchen I felt the crunching of glass beneath my shoes.

I quickly flipped on the light to find my wife's (I guess they're mine too) entire set of wedding china broken on the floor.

One of the built-in cabinets was on the floor on the other side of kitchen with a trail of broken dishes behind it. I first thought someone had broken-in and trashed the place. But from what I can tell, the cabinet pulled away from its backing, fell off the wall, hit the counter and then slid across the floor.

Too bad we didn't have a nanny-cam recording the entire thing, it would have been something to watch. (Watch a video of all the damage)After my wife and I calmed down, we realized we were lucky not to be home when it happened. With three small kids running in and out of the kitchen all day, they could have been seriously hurt (we are still finding glass everywhere; some pieces flew 20 feet into the next room).

We are all safe, we just have a mess to clean up and the expense of buying new dishes.

It wasn't until we were taking pictures of the disaster scene that we noticed the framed print hanging below where the cabinet once was. It says: "Keep Calm and Carry On". It is a reproduction of a poster the British government made during the beginning of World War II to raise morale.

We found it funny that my wife placed the poster underneath the very cabinet that would one day fall. Using this irony as inspiration, a work friend couldn't help but make a fake motivational poster.

The poster reminded me to keep things in perspective. Just don't come over for dinner anytime soon because you'll be eating on paper plates!