Katy Perry: Part of Me

â??Katy Perry Part of Meâ?? is a rare and unique glimpse into the life, childhood, upbringing, ups and down and tag along journey for the concert tour of a lifetime for Katy Perry. In the capable hands of producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, this isnâ??t just your ordinary run-of-the-mill documentary/concert video, this is a story and a behind the scenes insight like Iâ??ve never seen before.

A few things grabbed me as the movie starts with the preparation of her monster first world tour. They start with the setup for her first concert and her associating with her crew, dancers and staff before going into the opening number. She treats the people around her like gold. The people she hires to do her costumes, makeup, manage her schedule and organize her life arenâ??t industry people. They are her friends. They were ordinary, run-of-the-mill people who Katy worked with when she was a nobody and she kept them. She loves them, and they love her and that is the nuts and bolts of â??Part of Meâ??.

Katy Perry may consider herself the â??Pied Piper of Weirdnessâ??, but I would consider her the â??Pied Piper of Genuinenessâ??. It is the heart of her success, because it is exactly what took her, after years of struggle, out from under record labels that told her who she â??shouldâ?? be. Millions of fans, literally overnight, took to her personality of being exactly who she is and fell in love with her. She is the voice of this generation. I donâ??t doubt that. We live in a time where traditions and expectations are blending with freedom of expression and freedom of genuineness. Katy Perry quite simply stands for being proud of who you are and being loud and proud about it. This very thing has made her a mega star.

In the Summer of 2011, Katy Perry did what only one artist had ever done before. She had 5 number one hits from one album. Only Michael Jackson had ever done that before. She did this by not being Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson or who ever else she was told to be like, she did this by being herself and with â??Part of Meâ?? you find out, that herself is something good and decent. Until her late teens, she was raised in a strict religious household. Even though she broke from that mold and had to pursue a path apart from her parents, she still finishes her shows looking to the sky and saying, â??Thank you God.â??

Sure, some of what she brings to the stage is like Willy Wonka meets Wizard of Oz but the essence of genuineness that she embodies is no different back stage, with fans or on stage. She is always exactly who she says she is. Although as the toll of the tour begins to mount with personal heartbreaks, we see how she has established a persona with her fans and despite hardships, they come to expect it and she must deliver.

â??Katy Perry Part of Meâ?? is not just a concert/behind the scenes video. It goes into the heart of an extremely genuine overnight sensation that is tackling life, just like all of us. The best movies are the ones you walk out of still thinking about, wanting to talk about and maybe even discovering a life lesson or two. â??Part of Meâ?? is one of those movies. You come out of that movie feeling a genuine kinship with a celebrity who can never be described as â??typicalâ??. There was a joy in her eyes and smile throughout most of the movie, but toward the end some of that was gone and you want to console her like a friend. Thatâ??s just the way she makes you feel, like everybody else she comes in contact with.