Kansas City officer walks to Jefferson City, steps to better the lives of children

A Missouri Police Officer met with Governor Eric Greitens Thursday, in hopes of bettering the lives of children. (KRCG)

A Missouri police officer met with Governor Eric Greitens Thursday, in hopes of bettering the lives of children. The determined officer walked all the way from Kansas City to the Capitol for the meeting.

In his 22 years as a Kansas City Police Officer, the amount of violence Officer Kelly Sapp has witnessed is far more than most will ever see. But each week, he gets a break from that violence when he reads to a classroom of first graders.

One child in particular that has touched his heart, is a 6-year-old named Nasir. "He's an inner-city kid living down in a pretty rough neighborhood," Officer Sapp explained.

The Kansas City child expressed his troublesome fears to Sapp.

"Nasir is convinced that he will die of violence. He wakes up in the middle of the night and clears the house. Makes sure that there's nobody in the house cause he's afraid for his mother," Sapp said.

During his five tours in Afghanistan and two tours in Iraq, Sapp said he encountered many children with fears similar to Nasir. "You start to expect it, but you never accept it. And I won't accept it in my country."

In an effort to bring change for Nasir and other children faced with violence, Sapp set out to talk with governor of Missouri, and he got there by walking.

"Basically I did 107 miles," he said.

When he arrived in Jefferson City, Sapp was escorted to the Capitol by the Jefferson City Police Department. And while the journey was exhausting, when the officer arrived at the Capitol, Greitens came out to meet him.

The two discussed concerns of violent crimes in the state.

Sapp said both he and the governor plan to continue to work towards less violence in Missouri.

And while it may be an uphill climb, Sapp said less violence can be achieved in the same way he got to Jefferson City, one step at a time.

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