Kander continues Growing MO Business Tour

Secretary of State candidate Jason Kander made his way to Columbia on Thursday afternoon as part of his Growing Missouri Business Tour.

Kander is making his way across the state to talk to small business owners about how he will create a better business environment in Missouri if he is elected as Secretary of State.

The Democratic candidate wants to make sure people who are starting a business get connected with organizations in their communities, non profits and innovation centers that can help them be successful and create more jobs.

Kander said the state could do this without any additional cost to tax payers.

Kander said, â??Thereâ??s no additional taxpayer dollars that needs to be used. Itâ??s just a matter of making sure that people who starting a business have access to organizations that are often non-profit organizations in their own communities that they might not be aware of otherwise.â??

Kander is running against Republican candidate Shane Schoeller to succeed Democratic Secretary of State Robin Carnahan who is not seeking a third term.

Libertarian candidate Cisse Spragins and Constitution candidate Justin Harter are also running for Secretary of State on the November 6 ballot.