Jury recommends death in Hosier trial

The jury in the David Hosier murder trial recommended he be sentenced to death.

During closing arguments, prosecutors told jurors when Hosier took a life, he forfeited his own.

He was convicted earlier this week for the murder of Angela Gilpin, among other charges.

To recommend the death penalty, the jury said the prosecution proved two aggravating factors in the case. The first was a prior conviction for battery. The second was the murder of Angela Gilpin was committed while committing the murder of Rodney Gilpin.

A formal sentencing date has not been set.

The defense told jurors during closing arguments that no matter what, Hosier is never getting out of prison, and will no longer be a threat to women he feels betrayed him or abandoned him.

His attorneys also said Hosier makes threats, but does not act on them.

They also pointed out he has been in jail since 2009 and has not been violent toward anyone.

The jury was told even if they prove one or more of the aggravating factors against Hosier, they are not obligated to recommend the death penalty.

During other testimony Friday morning, a woman named Lisa Browning took the stand Friday morning to say David Hosier lived on the property owned by her and her husband in 2007.

Browning told the court Hosierâ??s behavior was very erratic, and at times it seemed like he wasnâ??t sleeping, while at others he seemed fine.

She testified her husband Ron was about to travel to Montana for work, but she did not want Hosier on their property while he was gone. When the time came to tell Hosier he needed to leave, Lisa Browning told the court she waited inside the house with a shotgun while her husband told Hosier the news.

She said Hosier at one point pulled a gun on her husband before finally driving away.

David Hosierâ??s older sister also took the stand. Defense attorneys showed her pictures from Hosierâ??s childhood along with pictures from right after their father was killed. She talked about how their fatherâ??s death impacted Hosier.