Jury hands down guilty, not guilty verdicts in Richter trial

The jury has found Shelly Richter GUILTY of endangering the welfare of a child and NOT GUILTY of child abuse.

The jury was in deliberation for five and a half hours at the trial of a Cole County woman accused of shaking a baby at her home daycare in August 2010. Closing arguments wrapped up just before noon on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning, Richter took the stand in her own defense.

In the third day of her trial, Richter told the jury she never â??shook, slammed or struckâ?? Lane Schaefer. Richter described how Lane accidently fell.

Richter also said she called a neighbor, who had a background in nursing, right after the incident. The neighbor testified Wednesday morning. She said when she came over and saw Lane on the ground, unresponsive; they called 9-1-1. The neighbor testified that Richter was crying and couldnâ??t talk to the dispatcher, so she had to.

A licensed, but retired, doctor from Minnesota also testified Wednesday morning. He said Laneâ??s injuries were consistent with a single fall and not Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Earlier this week, the prosecution called several doctors. They all testified that Laneâ??s injuries were from Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Laneâ??s mother also testified this week. She narrated a video of Lane in therapy. She said Lane, who is now 3-years-old, is blind, can't walk and has little use of his left side.

The maximum prison time possible is seven years.