Julia's Journey Continues

She just had her 2nd round of chemo, but that didn't stop 3-year-old Julia Stone from making an appearance at a benefit in her honor over the weekend. She even felt good enough to dance and sing along to her favorite song, "Daddy's Girl".

Julia is fighting Ewing Sarcoma, a rare form of childhood cancer that affects only three in a million children.

Along with many others, family friend Suzy Wolfe played a big role in organizing the event in Owensville.

"We have t-shirts and jewelry that we've made. We have face painting, and all kinds of flowers," Wolfe said

Donations for hair cuts, pedicures and manicures were a big hit at the event. Three hundred-thirty runners and walkers participated in the 5K. There was also a silent auction, face painting, and lots of food.

David Kamper, or "PaPa Dave" as he's known to Julia, had to fight back tears when talking about the love he has for his granddaughter.

"We just like to hang out and go swing..she can swing for hours." Kamper said. "We just go to the park here in town. She's my little buddy."

Runners Amber Harness and Michelle Tallent heard about Julia and even though they don't know her, they thought participating was one way to help.

"This family is going through so much, and anything you can do just to give back to somebody is an awesome cause," Amber said.

"I know that if I were in that position it would be really nice to see how much support you have throughout your community," Michelle said. "It's a real eye-opener."

Julia's family has been overwhelmed by the outpour of support, "Unbelievable, all the people have come together...We just can't believe it, everybody coming out for Julia...It's just amazing," Julia's PaPa Dave said.

While she may have a tough road ahead of her, one thing is for certain. Little julia has an entire community pulling for her.

To follow "Julia's Journey" with updates on her condition and upcoming benefits, join the Facebook page, "Prayers for Julia".