Judge stops Facebook law from taking effect

Lawyers for the Missouri State Teachers Association say they have a signed injunction from Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem stopping the Facebook law from going into effect.The MSTA says they received the injunction just after 10 a.m. Friday.In the ruling, Judge Beetem said that based on evidence, teachers in Missouri use social media as a primary form of communication.He also said the law "clearly prohibits communication between family members and their teacher parents using these types of sites. The Court finds that the statute would have a chilling effect on speech."The injunction lasts for 180 days."This gives everyone time to debate and discuss the issue to come to a proper resolution rather than rushing to piece together language that doesn't resolve the concerns of educators or allow time for teacher input," said MSTA Legal Counsel, Gail McCray.The MSTA was seeking a stop to the law that prohibits students and teachers from having exclusive communciation on social networking.Teachers who testified at the hearing said they need to be able to speak on a student's platform, which is Facebook and other social networking sites.The law has been controversial, gaining the attention of national media sites. Many said they felt the law prohibited free speech and association, while supporters of the law said it was there to protect students.Lawmakers and teachers have been meeting about the law. Teachers hoped to get the law on the special session agenda for changes.