Judge rules to reinstate Ashland alderman

The judgeâ??s decision does not guarantee Jeff Anderson will keep his job.

Update: October 23, 2013, 4:52 p.m.

A suspended Ashland alderman is back on the job.

A judge decided today the Ashland Board of Alderman denied Jeff Anderson his right to due process by suspending him.

The judgeâ??s decision does not guarantee Anderson will keep his job.

Boone County Judge Gary Oxenhandler ruled in favor of Anderson, but Anderson is back in his seat until city leaders decide to impeach him.

The judgeâ??s ruling gives Anderson all of the rights and privileges of an Ashland alderman including access to government documents and his e-mail account. Anderson could lose those rights and privileges again, because city leaders are expected set an impeachment hearing for November 11. Thatâ??s when the reason behind the impeachment could be made public. City leaders hired attorney David Bandre to oversee the impeachment process. Bandre said those with complaints about Ashlandâ??s city government should run for office.

Bandre said, â??We have a lot of complaints about the people who have chosen to serve and who volunteered their time. Itâ??s a difficult process. Get involved. My hope is that whatever way this process finishes up that things will settle down a little bit.â??

Ashland city government has seen its share of problems this year with a mayor and 2 aldermen resigning and the loss of a city administrator, city attorney and police chief. Those positions have been filled except for the city attorney job.

Mayor Gene Rhorer said, â??I am bound to follow the direction of the board. Compromise and openmindedness are two words we must follow.â??

Third Ward Alderman Tony Taggart said, â??The citizens of Ward 2 have 2 representatives as they deserve. Hopefully, the drama in Ashland will settle down.â??

Mayor Rhorer is checking to see if Andersonâ??s suspension had an impact on any recent votes at city hall.

If it did, Rhorer plans to reschedule any questionable votes made by the Board of Aldermen.

Original Story:

Boone County Judge Gary Oxenhandler ruled in favor of Ashland alderman Jeff Anderson on Wednesday.

Effective immediately, Anderson is reinstated as alderman of Ashland's 2nd Ward.

According to his lawyer, the Ashland Board of Aldermen suspended him without due process at a Sept. 16 meeting.