Judge denies video in Jefferson City murder trial

David Hosier charged with double murder.

The trial will be open to the public, but cameras will not be allowed to videotape a Jefferson City double murder case.

The trial for 57-year-old David Hosier is set to begin Jan. 14.

On Tuesday, Judge Pat Joyce informed the media that cameras will not be allowed to record the proceedings with one execpotion -- still photographs will be allowed by a pool photographer in the courtroom before the trial begins. That will give the public one chance to see recent images of the accused killer.

Hosier is charged in the deaths of 61-year-old Rodney Gilpin and 45-year-old Angela Gilpin. The husband and wife died in September 2009 after being shot several times in Angela's Jefferson City apartment, which was a block from Hosier's home.

Investigators say Angela had a romantic relationship with Hosier while separated from her husband, but the Gilpins were trying to reconcile. Angela had sought an order of protection against Hosier.

The jury will be chosen in Clay County and taken to Cole County for the trial.