Josh Kezer insists Ryan Ferguson is innocent

Ryan Ferguson

Convicted murderer Ryan Ferguson's fight for freedom comes at the same time another man is celebrating a year of freedom.

John Kezer was wrongfully accused of murdering a Southeast Missouri nursing student in 1992.

As Kezer celebrates one year of freedom after serving 16 years in prison for a murder he did not commit, Kezer wants Ferguson to experience his same freedom.

The Kezer and Ferguson men served three years in prison together. Kezer insists Ferguson is innocent because he does not believe the testimony of Chuck Erickson, the man who testified Ferguson was a murderer.

Chuck Erickson once said it was Ryan Ferguson who had done it and that he just watched," Kezer said. "Now, Chuck Erickson is saying that he did it and that Ryan Ferguson was just there. The reality is Ryan wasn TMt anywhere near that murder scene.

Kezer spent 30 minutes with Ferguson on the day of his release and considers Ferguson a close friend. If authorities said they wrongfully accused Ferguson, Kezer said he will be right by his side.

When he walks out that front door, I will be standing right next to him," Kezer said. "I will raise his arm with me. When it happens, he will be a man then standing next to me where he deserves to be an exonerated man.

The CBS News program 48 Hours has contacted the Ferguson family to do a follow-up program as an update to Ryan TMs case.

48 hours is also telling Josh Kezer TMs story on March 13 on KRCG.