Jefferson City voters will decide on tax for new high school

Jefferson City voters will vote on a tax for a new high school.

Jefferson City Public School Board members unanimously approved putting a bond issue and tax levy on the April ballot Thursday night. The special election will be held April 2nd.

The $79 million bond issue would pay to build a new high school on one large campus on Highway 179 and Mission Drive, and to construct a new elementary school on the eastern side of the district.

The district says the levy will provide funds for improved safety, security and technology district-wide, improved transportation for grades 9 through 12, staff professional development and improvements in the area of instruction.

Debra Walker, co-chair of the group Citizens for Excellence in Education, said her group will do whatever is necessary to support the school board in its plan and to educate the public about the plan. The group believes having two high schools to ease overcrowding will be too expensive, will create schools with "haves" and "have-nots" and will hurt the real estate and overall economy of Jefferson City.