Jefferson City trash service continues to spark questions

The countdown to mandatory trash service and single stream recycling in Jefferson City is now just two weeks away.

We continues to receive questions and concerns from dozens of Capital City residents.

In this FactFinder Report, KRCG's Mallory McGowin took those questions to city officials.

By the end of this week, workers for Allied Waste should finish delivering new trash and recycling bins to Capital City residents.

But as the bins arrive, so do the questions.

First, is it mandatory?

While it is mandatory that you pay for the service, no one can force you to use the bins.

So what about cost?

The combined trash and recycling service will cost about $15 a month and will be billed quarterly.

For those who already use plastic bins, that's about a dollar a month increase.

However, for those who bought Allied Waste trash bags at just over a dollar a piece, the increase in cost will vary.

So what if you don't pay your bill?

I read the city's contract with Allied Waste. It says after two late-payment notices Allied Waste will stop picking up the trash.

"The trash container will stay there and the individual will be cited in municipal court and for not having paid their bill," says Jefferson City City Administrator Steve Rasmussen.

"The judge has the opportunity to decide whatever he wants, but ultimately the judge can fine them up to $500 for violating a municipal ordinace."

You could also be slapped with a $30 fee when Allied Waste reinstates service.

What can you do if you or a family member are physically unable to get the trash bin to the curb?

There is a form to fill out to request assistance from Allied Waste. But, you will have to have a doctor's note to prove your limitations.

"Allied Waste will then come and get it from the location they keep it. So they'll move it down the hill or take it down the stairways or whatever's necessary," says Rasmussen.

What if you don't produce enough trash every week to fill the large 64 gallon bin?

You can request a smaller 32 gallon bin and pay a smaller service fee. But only a limited number of small bins are available, so you need to act fast.

Another question: Is there assistance for low-income families?

Yes, but the discount is small, only about $1.50 a month.

Allied Waste will not pick up the new bins until November. So keep using your old trash bin or bag until then.

Maps showing Allied Waste's routes and trash pick up days will be available on the city's website before the end of the week.

All of the request forms mentioned above are available at City Hall and on the city's website.

You can find a link to them, as well as a list of frequently asked trash questions below.