Jefferson City theater camp teaches acting, life lessons

Campers practice for the musical "Quixote."

Jefferson City kids and teens are preparing for the final performances this weekend for the Showdown Stage Company theater camp.

The Showdown Stage Company camp is in its ninth year in the Capital City, and this year's performances include the play "Transylvania High" and the musical "Quixote.

Both shows are original pieces by camp directors Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus.

Marcus said the camp not only gives the campers something to do in the summer, but teaches them life lessons they can carry into adulthood.

"Where a kid may get up and audition for a role, we give them confidence...learn how to stand, learn how to approach, so that when they have to go talk to a teacher, or interview for a job, or ask that girl out for a date, they know how to present themselves," Marcus said.

Marcus also said that she and her husband draw from real-life current events for inspiration for their works.

She said they wrote "Quixote" after the Virginia Tech shootings.

"We dealt with the issue of bullying, because so many kids have been bullied. And instead of the child going angry and killing kids, is it possible that a child who has been bullied can channel that pain and that sadness into something creative?" Marcus said.

Shows start Friday, June 28 at 7 p.m. with "Quixote" followed by "Transylvania High."

They will continue Saturday at 11:30 a.m. with "Transylvania High" followed by a lunch, and finally "Quixote."

Tickets can be purchased at the door at the Washington Park Ice Arena in Jefferson City.

Tickets for a single show are $10, for both shows Friday night $15 and for both shows plus the lunch on Saturday $25.