Jefferson City teacher indicted for sexual contact with a student

Update: Oct. 19 at 6:30 p.m.:Wednesday Jefferson City Police remained tight lipped about the investigation.They did confirm they were the lead investigating agency in the case.Parents we talked to said they are in complete shock about the indictment.Knehans was known to many of them as a good family man.Update: Oct. 18 at 2:30 p.m.:Jefferson City Public School Superintendent Brian Mitchell released the following statement about the indictment of Chris Knehans:"Over the past month and a half the Jefferson City Public Schools have been cooperating with the Jefferson City Police Department and the Cole County Prosecuting Attorney as well as conducting our own internal investigation regarding allegations of inappropriate conduct between a faculty member and a student.

This morning it was announced that Mr. Christopher Knehans, Band Instructor at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, was indicted by a grand jury on two felony D counts of sexual contact with a student.

The district placed Mr. Knehans on administrative leave at the outset of those allegations (September 29, 2011) pending a formal investigation both internally and with the cooperation of law enforcement. Pending completion of the district TMs investigation, Mr. Knehans remains on administrative leave and if the allegations are substantiated, disciplinary action including termination and revocation of certification are options as well as consequences through the judiciary process.

JCPS strives to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all students and we will continue to work diligently internally as well as with our community and law enforcement to ensure that our students have the optimal learning environment provided.

For additional information, view Board Policy GCPE, Termination of Professional Staff Members." Original Story: A Jefferson City band teacher was indicted on Tuesday for a class D felony of sexual contact with a student by a Cole County Grand Jury.Chris Knehans is the band teacher at Thomas Jefferson Middle School and an assistant at Jefferson City High School. JCPS spokesperson David Luther said Knehans was put on administrative leave on Sept. 27.According to the indictment, filed in Cole County court, Knehans knowingly had sexual contact with a female student at Jefferson City High School by touching her breasts and genitals on Sept. 10. A second count of the same charge was filed saying he knowingly had sexual contact with a female student by touching her with his genitals on Sept. 23.The grand jury indictment said the student was a Jefferson City High School student.Click here for the grand jury indictment.