Jefferson City softball coach allegedly pockets entry fees

It seems that Elmo Green has dropped the ball in a game of mishandling money.

The Jefferson City-based softball coach and former tournament organizer is said to have netted up to $25,000 in entry and umpire fees he acquired through 'Black Ice', his softball organization.

Several softball teams across Missouri and the Midwest said Green cancelled tournaments and didn't refund entrance fees. A $5,000 check to pay umpires bounced and still has not cleared.

This comes as a suprise to some people, like Tina Werner. Werner is the recreation department director at Jefferson City Parks and Recreation who rented fields to Green over a two-year period starting in 2011.

"We have a policy that he had to pay for all the fields up front, so it wasn't like we were waiting on payment," Werner said. "He had to pay for the fields prior to the like that week prior, so we did business. He signed a contract with us and paid as he was supposed to."

Joey Rich, the commissioner of the Missouri Amateur Softball Association, said he doesn't know Green on a personal level, but said the organization began dealing with him about two years ago, starting with a bounced check.


estimated up to 40 teams could have been affected by Green's actions.

"The ASA is 80 years old this year, I've been with Missouri ASA for about 35 years," Rich said. "We've never had anything like this happen. So, it's just something that...I guess to some extent caught us a little off guard, but we're going to do everything we can to recover these missing funds, and make sure this type of situation never happens again."

Rich said the Missouri ASA will meet with the attorney general in Jefferson City on Monday to determine if legal action can be taken against Green.