Jefferson City School Board says 'no decision' in open forum meeting

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. â?? Dozens came Monday Night to the Jefferson City school board meeting to voice their opinions on the future of the high school.

During the open forum, many came out against the proposed â??academy-styleâ?? layout of the new campus, which would feature a total of seven buildings, each supposedly dedicated to a certain area or areas of study.

Their main complaint with the currently planned layout is the overall size of the school, which they say would ultimately let some students â??fall through the cracks.â??

Others voiced their support of the school boards plans saying that, for the most part, the layout would allow smaller and more effective learning environments.

The school board made no official decision tonight on whether they would look into other plans for the newly purchased land off Highway 179, but did say they think they know where they want to go with their plans.

The board's expected to put a bond issue and operating levy to pay for $80 million project on the April ballot.