Jefferson City School Board invites comments

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Monday night, the Jefferson City School Board held an open forum to hear from the community on plans for the new high school.

They talked about the cost and what taxpayers wanted to see in the finished project.

"Many people area coming out, voicing their opinions, both pro and con, and we just want to make sure that people feel like they have the opportunity to speak out, and let them know that we're here to listen to what they have to say,â?? said Joy Sweeney, President of the Jefferson City School Board â??And we really want to put forth something on the ballot that the community is going to support."

Sweeney says the new school could also offer one thing that's on the minds of parents right now, better school security.

"As sad as it is to have a tragic event like that occur, the impact on all school is significant. But when you can upgrade your security features with economies of scale by doing it all at once, it's also being good stewards of the community's money," said Sweeney.

The addition of security cameras and a keyless entry system would be paid for by the new operating levy.

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