Jefferson City Public Works tells people to be prepared for flooding

The release of massive amounts of water from swollen Missouri River reservoirs in South Dakota has the Jefferson City public works staff preparing for potential flooding in the capital city.

Public Works Director Matt Morasch briefed the city council on what could happen Monday night.

During the city council meeting the Public Works director presented the council a flood plan. The plan shows what infrastructure will be affected at each flood stage. It also shows what needs to be done before the water reaches each stage.

During the flood of '93, the Missouri River reached almost 39 feet at Jefferson City.

City officials think the water coming down the river now could reach the highest level recorded in the last 18 years.

"It just really depends on the rainfall, but I think we can expect over 30 feet, JC Public Works Director Matt Morasch said.

When the water goes above 30 feet, the Capital View Levee begins to be topped. The airport and other facilities north of the river start to go under.

The back-up of water in Wears Creek means the ice arena and ball fields off Missouri Boulevard also get wet.

"I think everyone should be on high alert. They should just watch the forecast, just like we would if there was a tornado watch or tornado warning, Jefferson City TMs Mayor Eric Struemph said.

Struemph said the Public Works Department is ready to sound the alarm.

"They will be sending out notices to the ones that have been affected in the past. So, obviously, if you just moved in and may not know about it, you obviously will find out, Struemph said.

The mayor told me the staff will post flood maps on the city's website to show everyone the elevations and where they stand during high water.

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