Jefferson City police investigate nine homicides within the last nine months

Jefferson City police confirmed they've worked nine murder investigations from late August to early May. (File)

The Jefferson City Police Department confirmed Wednesday its investigated nine homicides within the last nine months.

"We don't have a serial killer on the loose," Chief Roger Schroeder told KRCG13. "We don't have any type of situation which would cause us to be concerned for the community,"

From the end of August to the beginning of May, the department has investigated the following homicides:

Schroder said the murders pose challenges for the department.

"It's all over the map, literally. The people involved are not associated with one another - there's no pattern of day of week, time of day, or anything," said Schroeder. "We can't develop a strategy if we don't have a pattern."

"There's very little we can do except in a crime prevention context," said Schroeder. "We can provide information to people that helps them protect themselves; that is incumbent upon them to execute those kind of strategies to protect themselves."

The last time the department had a similar amount of murders, police had investigated eight murders in the calendar year of 2005, according to Schroeder.

Schroeder, who has been the city's police chief for 18 years, said murder investigations can take up several department resources. "We want to get it right, and that means we devote as much of our resources as we can and many times, that means our entire detective section. We might have six, seven, eight people investigating one incident,"

Police confirmed no arrests have been made in the investigations into the August 20, April 21 and May 8 deaths.

"We have unseen murders and few witnesses," said Schroeder, speaking in general terms. "If we have witnesses, many times they're reluctant to tell us anything, and sometimes what they tell us isn't always the truth. It's been very difficult lately, and I don't have the reasons, whether it's coincidence or just changing times."

Schroeder said investigators continue to generate good leads on the most recent murders.

"I'm still very hopeful and optimistic that we will solve them, it just takes a lot of work."He said. "We have to be very all-encompassing and very conscientious and very meticulous in what we do and put together probable cause, but not just probable cause, but then eventually we need beyond a reasonable doubt type of evidence, and that takes time, and we're willing to put that time in and we're doing that today."

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