Jefferson City pastor talks about recent violence

Following last weekend's violence some local leaders say it has to end before someone gets hurt.

"Hopefully we have not gotten to the point there is not regard for human life", said Pastor Cornell Charles Suddeth Sr. of the Second Baptist Church.

Suddeth has been in Jefferson City for 18 years. He has worked with African American youth in the city for much of that time.

With the recent violence he says it's time for the community to be proactive, "Try to involve yourself in positive activities and again I would try to get myself out of my ivory tower and I would encourage all of us in the community to do just that".

He said he used to work with high school kids, but then switched to younger kids because he felt a bigger difference could be made, "To have places where these individuals can have positive activities, I'm guessing many of them don't want to be out at one or two o'clock in the morning, and it's not all of them it's just some of them making it bad for the rest of the group".


ften times he says individuals involved in incidents like Sunday morning don't come through his doors, but he says they always have the option, " I am at 501 Monroe Street if they have any problems or anything like that, to give us a call here at the church", Suddeth said.