Jefferson City organization celebrates 'National Coming Out Day'

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- "Today we're...we're taking a little walk over the bridge"

That little walk, Stephanie Scott-Huffman says, is a big step forward for gays and lesbians in the Jefferson City community, an area which has long been socially conservative.

Organizers like Michelle Scott-Huffman, the wife of Stephanie and pastor at Table of Grace church, say that's slowly changing.

"It was about two years ago this month that we started at the BBQ over at Riverside Park with about 12-15 people, and that 12-15 people is about 190 people now."

According to the organization behind the walk, O

ne Love, this is just one of many walks going on throughout the nation on Wednesday.

Thursday will mark 25 years since people marched on Washington for lesbian and gay rights.

Stephanie, the founder of One Love, says that movement in the nation's capitol was critical in leading the way for others.

"It was one of the most monumental time where we said we're not going to be silent anymore. We're going to make ourselves known to the community, and put a face to the discrimination that we endure quite frequently"

People in this walk say that same fighting spirit is still with them today.