Jefferson City Memorial Airport prepares for flooding

It's business as usual at the Jefferson City Memorial Airport, but they are watching the river closely.

Files, storage and seasonal items like snow removal equipment have already been moved to safe ground.

This week the grounds are dry, but in just a few weeks, it could be a different story.

Airport manager, Ron Craft said people are preparing for the worst

"I believe each of the individual tenants have taken some type of precaution as far as moving equipment or items they have in their hangars or to other locations, Craft said. But as of right now none of the aircrafts have been relocated, they're all still here."

Craft said the preparations are nothing new for the facility.

During the Great Flood of 1993 the flood waters set a record high crest on the property.

"The airport has flooded 7 times since it's been here and most of the tenants have been through this exercise many times so everybody pretty much has an idea of what needs to be done."

The levee protecting Jefferson City Memorial Airport can hold back up to 30 feet of water.

After that, the airport property will begin to flood.

Craft said it's unclear how quickly the terminal and hangers could be under water.

"It really depends on how high the water is and whether the problems are caused by a levee break or if the levee is overtopped, Craft said. And then of course it depends on the water level for how much time we would have before the airport would be flooded."

As of now, the airport isn't planning on putting out sandbags at the terminal.

If the Corps of Engineers prediction is correct and the river crests between 27 to 35 feet, the airport has a good chance of being submerged.