Jefferson City mayor's budget would eliminate JCTV funding

Absent from the budget proposal Jefferson City mayor Eric Struemph unveiled Thursday evening was any funding for the community television station, JCTV.

The city spends about $110,000 on the station each year, a tiny fraction of this year's $28 million budget. City administrator Nathan Nickolaus left the station's funding intact in the draft budget he released earlier this year, but Struemph told KRCG that is money the city can't put toward things like a new fire truck.

"I appreciate all the work JCTV does, but we are at the point where we can no longer fund it in my eyes," he said.

Struemph's proposed budget comes in at a little more than $28.8 million. That's about $4.3 million lower than last year's budget. The biggest cuts come from capital purchases and various operating expenses. Those categories lose $1.2 million and $1.4 million respectively.

During the hearing, officials told the city council no city employees would receive a pay raise this year, nor would there be any floating holidays. In addition, Struemph told KRCG the city has changed the way it calculates the revenue it will get each year. He said the city will no longer include grant money in its revenue calculations until it actually gets that money.

Hearings will take place throughout the rest of this summer before the budget is finalized. The 2014 fiscal year begins Nov. 1.