Jefferson City mayor pushes for river access project

This map shows the renderings of the proposed bridge from the capitol, over the railroad tracks, and to the river. (Carrie Tergin)

Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin is pushing for a river access project.

The project includes a bridge beginning at the Capitol, stretching over the railroad tracks and ending by the river. The project would include trails and a park.

Fundraising is underway for the project. $2 million has been raised and the expected cost is $3 million.

Mayor Tergin said it's time for the city to take advantage of the river.

"You really realize that we have to get to the river, it's really important. We are a river city. We want to utilize it" Tergin said. "The space is incredible, the park and the setting. To look up at the Capitol, you never get that perspective in Jefferson City."

A port project is also under consideration. The port project would be an opportunity for businesses to use the river as a way to transport goods. A feasibility study for the port project is underway.

"The port project would really help bring more business to Jefferson City. Businesses look for ports and river access when choosing to come to a city," Tergin said.

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