Jefferson City man sworn in as Missouri Supreme Court judge

Paul Wilson was sworn in to the Supreme Court of Missouri Friday.

A Jefferson City man appointed by Gov. Jay Nixon in December to the Supreme Court of Missouri was sworn in Friday afternoon in Jefferson City.

Nearly 400 people attended Paul Wilson's installment ceremony, which featured speeches by Wilson's friends and former coworkers, including Gov. Nixon.

All spoke of Wilson's passion for law and his work ethic. Wilson remained humble about the kind words spoken.

"Such an honor to be here, such a great privilege to serve on this board, such a great opportunity to say thank you to so many people who have helped me for so long," Wilson said.

Wilson told KRCG 13 what he felt when Gov. Nixon first notified him of his appointment.

"Combination of joy, fear, it's an incredibly awe inspiring job," Wilson said.

Immediately prior to coming to the Supreme Court, Wilson served as a Cole County circuit judge.

He said he hopes to bring his experience from past jobs to his new role at the Supreme Court.

"My experience as a litigator, and as a private attorney and as an attorney for the state government for years, all of that will just come into play in everything you do," he said.

Wilson has already participated in more than 24 cases heard by the Supreme Court, and said that while all the judges don't necessarily agree all the time, they work together to come up with the best conclusion.

"Everybody here has the same goal, which is to protect and preserve the law and serve the people. Not everybody has the same take on every question but that's why there are seven of us. If it was obvious there would only be one," he said.