Jefferson City landfill search for Christopher Cray continues

Investigators looking into the disappearance of Jefferson City resident Christopher Cray have now focused their investigation on the city landfill.

Jefferson City Police say their search at the Jefferson City landfill for Christopher Cray or clues to his whereabouts is continuing Saturday.

Saturday marks the fourth day that law enforcement agencies have been searching the landfill for anything related to Cray's disappearance. 23 year-old Christopher Cray was last seen on May 20th near the Schnucks on Missouri Boulevard.

Captain Doug Shoemaker said investigators consider the entire landfill a crime scene. The Jefferson City Police, Missouri Task Force 1, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol are working together to search the landfill. Shoemaker said law enforcement will be searching every day until they find definitive evidence of Cray's whereabouts or a lead that takes them to another area in Cole County.

"Unfortunately as time goes on with Mr. Cray's disappearance, we've got family members who are very concerned about him," Shoemaker said. "We're making sure we keep them in the loop. We're just trying to get some kind of an outcome or closure for them, but obviously as time goes on it doesn't look as good as it did initially."

Captain Shoemaker said combing the landfill for clues is a painstaking process due to the sheer volume of materials that law enforcement must sift through.

"I will say that there have been a few things that we've discovered that have helped us move forward in the process. Beyond that, we're just going to continue to search at this point," Shoemaker said.

Cadaver dogs have been aiding searchers, who have recovered "several items" related to the case at the landfill. Shoemaker would not say what those items are.

Gale Blomenkamp of the Boone County Fire Protection District/Missouri Task Force 1 said the dogs were not requested in Friday's search. He said the Jefferson City Police have not yet requested them for Saturday's search either.

Captain Shoemaker said detectives are still treating the case as a missing persons case and not a homicide, even though police have arrested two people in connection with the case. Adam Moore-Duncan is facing a charge of tampering with evidence for allegedly hiding a body, and Richard Love is charged with tampering with a victim or witness.

He said as time goes by, investigators are becoming more and more concerned about Cray's well-being.

"We are looking for Mr. Cray himself, period," Shoemaker said. "We have not ruled specifically that there is a quote, unquote, "body" at this point, but as time goes on we're starting to become very concerned about his status, absolutely."

Shoemaker would neither confirm nor deny whether investigators believe Cray is dead.

The Jefferson City Police Department is being aided by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Missouri Task Force One out of Boone County, which is providing the cadaver dogs.

Shoemaker says law enforcement agents are working information from the landfill on a 24-hour basis at this point.

He says they are still looking for information from the public, and anyone who knows anything about the case is asked to call the Jefferson City Police Department's detective division.