Jefferson City kids make the most of day off

Armion McCann (on the ground) and his friends have a snowball fight in Jefferson City Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday's snowfall may have quieted business and shuttered schools in the capital city, but it did not hush the children.

Jaquan Whirley and his friends told KRCG 13 they spent all day having snowball fights after school was canceled. The group romped excitedly up and down Atchison Street, riding bikes on the snowy streets, throwing clumps of snow at each other and going sledding. Jaquan's friend Armion McCann said they typically had three to five people in their snowball fights. They took time out only to shovel driveways, five by their count. About three inches of snow were on the ground by late afternoon in their neighborhood, with more coming down later that evening.

Jaquan said he was expecting a snow day but forgot to change his morning routine.

"When I woke up this morning, I got dressed and ready for school, and I forgot it was going to snow," he said. "And then my mom's like, 'There's no school today,' and then I was like, 'Oh," and then I lay back down."

Whirley said he and his friends planned to go inside and play video games once it got dark, but they are looking forward to another day of snowball fights on Wednesday.