Jefferson City holds meeting to discuss long-standing city issues

Last night, Jefferson City resident met at Thomas Jefferson Middle School for a town hall meeting to discuss several key issues for the city.

There were four main topics discussed at the meeting, including, but not limited to, a downtown conference center that's been in the works for 80 years.

"The four projects that we're talking about tonight are the conference center, a mulch-purpose building with our parks and rec, also MSP, and what we're going to do about additional parking within our city," said Jefferson City Mayor Eric Struemph.

Many at the meeting came in support of one of those key projects, like a woman who came to voice her opinion on putting city funds toward renovations for the Missouri state penitentiary.

"A lot of my friends have started to go to the MSP because I have told them about it, and they're liking it too. I just don't want it to go away," said Karen Burks.

The conference center was another topic discussed, and there are potential plans to put the conference center in the land where the penitentiary currently stands.

If those plans eventually come through, that means the Missouri State Penitentiary will have to be torn down.