Jefferson City Council to discuss mayor's budget Monday

Council chamber security and funding for JCTV are on the docket when the Jefferson City council meets to examine mayor Eric Struemph's 2014 budget Monday evening.

Struemph's budget, first unveiled at a July 18 hearing, would eliminate funding for JCTV. It would also expand the city's contingency fund and increase funding for chemicals used to clear snow off the city's streets during the winter. Struemph told KRCG 13 on July 18 the contingency fund is needed for unforseen expenses ranging from construction projects to natural disasters. He said he did not take the decision to cut JCTV's funding lightly but felt it was not an essential service. JCTV accounts for $110,000 of the city's roughly $28 million budget.

Other key points in the mayor's budget include funding for additional council chamber security and funding for a full-time finance director. The city currently has an interim director.

The hearing starts at 5:30 p.m. in the city council chambers.