Jefferson City Council approves conference center RFP, with amendments

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo â?? The Jefferson City council took another step Monday night in getting proposals for a new conference center.

They passed a "Request For Proposal" or RFP tonight detailing the guidelines of what they are looking for from a developer.

Most of the items in the proposal passed without debate, but some amendments were made.

One main change was an amendment concerning the city's contribution to the project.

A line was taken out that would have allowed the city to consider options above the original $9 million set aside for the project.

While the majority of the council approved that amendment, others like 4th Ward Councilwoman Carrie Carroll thought the wording should stay in.

"It didn't commit us to anything, just allowing us to see the creative ideas that these developers may have, and I don't want to miss out on that, because we got to do this right, and I'll do everything I can to make we do this right," said Carroll.

Another amendment, the council removed the limit on a stipend for builders who make it to phase two in the conference center process.