Jefferson City could soon be getting new outdoor warning sirens

Jefferson City Police Captain Bob Cynova presented the City Council with a proposal to update the city's emergency warning sirens.

KRCG's reporter was there Tuesday eveing to find out what Captain Cynova had to say.

Jefferson City owns and operates fifteen emergency warning sirens located throughout the city.

Captain Cynova told me that these sirens need to be updated because they're old and have a lot of problems.

"The equipment we have in it's time was state of the art, but some of them are 45-years old. The technology in sirens has changed, Jefferson City Police Dept. Captain Bob Cynova said. There really just so old that we can't get parts readily, we have to get after market parts. So the repair and upkeep of them is getting more and more expensive every year."

He isn't the only person that's concerned with the city's outdoor emergency sirens, so is City Councilman Dave Griffith.

"When we have things that happen like in St. Louis or the tornado in Joplin, I think it brings things closer to home. This is something we need to really look at strongly, 5th Ward Councilman Dave Griffith said.

Captain Cynova proposed to use the $400,000 from Sales Tax E to replace the outdoor sirens.

"There was money set aside for new warning sirens, but of course you can't spend that money until the taxes come in. So now I believe we are to a point where we can replace some aging sirens with newer and better equipment; so we can better warn citizens, Cynova said.

The council all agreed to accept the proposal on outdoor emergency sirens.

The mayor told me he feels that this is something very important that needs to be done as soon as possible.

"I think the new technology is there and we can replace several sirens with the budget we have now. I look forward to seeing the proposals come back to us, so we can vote on it and get these installed as soon as possible, Jefferson City's Mayor Eric Struemph said.

The City Council is now waiting on the Jefferson City Police Department to write up an request for proposal before they start the updating.