Jefferson City budget passes 8-2

Budget cuts have been a hot topic over the past several months, with the City Council and members of the public wrangling with what to cut and what to keep.

On Tuesday, September 3, the final decision was made.

The new budget will allow the city to hire a fire chief and a new finance director. The council also amended the budget plan to provide for new software which will make it easier for people to apply for city jobs.

However, the panel grappled with the fact that the budget does not include any raises for city employees. As a consoluation, Councilwoman Carrie Carroll proposed two floating holidays for city workers. In the end though, the bill failed - leaving employees with no perks for next year.

"I am completely frustrated," Carroll said. "I am appalled that the council does not see the value, when we could do something like that and we're not. There's a lot of reasons, a lot of personal reasons, they don't like the way it came up... they don't like the process... I don't know how good it has to be for the rest of this council to get it - the value of our employees is who we are.

Other council members had argued that giving around 400 city employees two extra days off per year would hobble the city's ability to provide services to the public because it would reduce staffing levels.

JCTV's funding also took a plunge compared to last year - for next year, JCTV will receive $55,000 in funding, about half of what they received last year.

At Monday's meeting the council also voted to clear the way for Capitol Mall to start bringing in new businesses by making the area where the mall is more tax-friendly.