JC residents stock up before snowstorm

Store parking lots around Jefferson city were full Saturday as people rushed to make last-minute purchases of food and supplies before snow hits.

At Lowe's, dozens of people stocked up on salt and snow shovels in anticipation of a few inches of snow.

"I don't want to be unprepared if I have to get out of the house," said Bob Reade. "I need to be able to get to the car so I want to put salt down on the driveway, and I also need to be able to shovel out the walkway, so that's why the snow shovel's here."

At Hy-Vee, it was difficult to find a place to park. Inside, customers were stocking up on essentials like bread, milk, and eggs. A shelf containing bottled water was almost completely empty Saturday afternoon.

School teacher Nicole Jenkins said she was looking forward to the snow. "Even though we're just going back to school on Monday, we're ready for a snow day," Jenkins said.

"It doesn't quite feel like winter yet, so having another snow day, that'd be cool."

Other people weren't so enthusiastic about having to do last-minute shopping. "It was aggravating, with so many people stopping and going. It's kind of hard to get what you need when you're trying to get around everybody," said Hy-Vee shopper Heidi Patterson.

Managers at Westlake Hardware said their store a steady stream of customers throughout the day. "We've been pretty slammed with customers," said Floor Manager Tyler Berney. "We've had a lot of people come in, about three times more than normal. We've been selling out of a lot of things."

Berney said Saturday, they sold out of most kinds of heat tape and insulating materials. However, the store still has ample snow shovels and salt.

Walmart was full of customers Saturday as well. Amongst those at Walmart Saturday was Cheryl Olson, originally out of Toronto, Canada.

"It doesn't seem like a snowstorm to me," Olson said. "Even last week when we got that bit of ice. It doesn't affect me in that way. Six inches is not a big deal to me but it might be to the people who live here."