J.C Fight: One stabbed, two arrested

Tuesday afternoon, Jefferson City Police investigated a fight that ended with one girl taken to the hospital and two others under arrest.

It all happened right in the view of an officer.

About 3 p.m Tuesday afternoon a police officer saw a fight break out in the 300 block of Jackson Street.

The officer was patrolling the nearby school.

The officer quickly called for back-up as a group of 40 to 50 people gathered.

In the middle of that group a fight broke out.

Police told us two girls got in a fight and one of them cut the other with a knife.

Police took several people in for questioning, and two will likely face charges.

Police aren't releasing the name of the victim but we can confirm her wounds weren't serious.

When she got back to the house from the hospital, we were there.

That's when we saw a man come up and get into another fight

with a woman at the home.

Police were called again, no arrests the second time, and there's no word on what charges the two girls arrested will face.