JC couple's love lights up the night sky

A young Jefferson City couple is one step closer to being married after a creative wedding proposal.

At night, it is hard to miss the Christmas light display at Joey O'Connor's home. Every year, he decorates the house with his girlfriend Britni Campbell.

This year, however, Britni had no idea that her boyfriend had been secretly planning for months to put an extra message in this year's Christmas light display.

On Thursday, Joey and Britni went out for a special dinner. When they arrived back home, Joey asked his girlfriend to turn around and look at him. When she saw him standing in a heart of Christmas lights, he told her to turn back around.

What Britni saw was a message spelled out in Christmas lights on the roof. The message spelled out, "Will you marry me?" After she took in the message and turned back around, Joey was down on one knee.

"I was totally surprised," Britni said. "I had no idea it was coming, but now I wouldn't have it any other way. I am glad it was a surprise."

"After he did it, I just told him, 'that's totally you.' I can't imagine how else he would have done it, but now I can't imagine him doing it any other way."

Britni wasn't the only one to find out how Joey feels through the spectacular Christmas light display.

"Most of my family was saying, 'it's about time!', they were just tickled to death," Joey said. "My mom actually found out by seeing the lights on the house as well. She was extremely excited."

Britni and Joey met while attending Lincoln University. They both said it was love at first sight.

"I love that right away, he got to know my friends and family and became close with them early on in our relationship. It really meant a lot to me," Britni said.

"I find it spectacular that she puts up with me, which is very hard to understand how she can do it!" Joey said. "She knows how to make me feel special, which is something that you can't teach."

After four years of being together, Joey and Britni know the lights in their front yard are only the beginning of something truly wonderful. They said they hope to be married before the spring of 2015.