JC Council discusses two conference center sites

Monday night the Jefferson City Council heard from a three person redevelopment team, including Randy Allen the president of the Chamber of Commerce. They compared the two sites, and talked about everything from parking and traffic, to the cost and opportunities for future expansion. The team said both sites would have parking and traffic issues, but the MSP site would have room for expansion where the downtown site would not. The cost appears nearly the same to build on either site. Council woman Carrie Carroll told us she's sold on the MSP location, Carroll said, "I just can't think of anything more perfect to go on this MSP site other than a convention center, it's something the entire community can use and something that will draw people from all over the country. Mayor Eric Struemph said, "I think the meeting was great tonight because it shows us that, luckily as a city, we're blessed to have two great sites to build a conference center and what I want to see us do now is obviously move forward to some marketing plans to see which one will be the best business plan for our city." The next step is a marketing and design study for each site. Streumph is asking the city manager to ask developers for proposals. No word on how long that step will take.