January thaw pays off for Jefferson City couple

Stark searched his yard for a week looking for his wife's wedding ring.

The first weekend of the new year brought bitterly cold temperatures, several inches of snow, and a headache for Adam Stark and his wife.

"We were on our way to pick up our daughter from her aunt's house and we were going to stop and get something to eat, so as we're pulling into the drive through my wife says, 'holy crap.' And I said, what? I thought she may have forgotten the debit card, no big deal we can run home. She said, worse than that, my wedding rings," said Stark.

When they got home, Stark scoured the yard while snow buried his footprints. He finally found one band, but was still determined to find the other.

He took to Facebook, asking friends to borrow a metal detector.

"Every day throughout that week I was out there for at least an hour sometimes two, often it was so cold I'd have to come in...I didn't want to wear gloves because I was afraid I would push it and never feel it, so I'm out there in the snow digging with my bare hands."

Stark stayed positive and said he would have flipped the yard to find it. He decided to wait until the snow melted on Saturday.

After spending more than two hours searching without any luck, he was beginning to lose hope, and said a prayer.

Fifteen minutes later, without a metal detector, he spotted the ring on top of a pile of leaves.

He made a video and posted it to Facebook to update his friends on the situation.

"I've spent a week looking for this little circular piece of metal in a was literally like looking for a needle in a haystack. But I knew I was gonna find that thing eventually."

He said persistence and optimism helped him stay motivated.

Stark decided to surprise his wife...he told her to put on her wedding band.

"She said 'why?' I said just let me see it. I put it on her hand and said we probably need to get that resized. So I said, try this one on too. And of course she lost it, she was like 'no way!' I was like yeah you know, I probably could have made it a little more romantic or something."

Stark said it will be a story they remember for many years to come.