It's Tee Time

Osage National Golf Club will make you go ... wow!

And that's before you tee off.

That's while you're having your BLT and fries at the clubhouse overlooking perhaps the most stunning view of any golf course at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Or the most stunning view at the Lake, period.

It's like you're looking down from Heaven.

"It's probably one of the most spectacular views of any course at the Lake," Head Professional Larry Salsman said. "You're so far above the golf course that's down below, and you can actually see holes from all three nines that we have."

Yes, three nines. More on that to come.

"I always laugh because you actually see the birds flying under you," Salsman continued. "You know you're pretty high up when that happens. It's just so picturesque ... you just kind of get lost in it.

"Sometimes you take it for granted, how pretty the view is outside my office window."

And it's not bad when you get out on the course, either.

"There are so many wonderful views on the golf course," Salsman said. "Spectacular."

Back to the three nines. Osage National has The Mountain, The River and The Links --- 27 great, fun holes.

"Each nine has its own flair, its own flavor," Salsman said. "To me, that's the the unique thing and coolness about it."

The Mountain and The River are an Arnold Palmer-design and opened in 1992. The Links opened in the late 90's.

"You can tee off on The Mountain," Salsman said, "and you have the undulations and elevation changes. Then you can turn around on your back nine, and play more of a links terrain.

"It's almost like your playing two totally different golf courses in your 18-hole round."

Then there's The River.

"It's right there between them, with several holes running along the Osage River," Salsman said.

In other words, don't hit hit it right. Unless you want to feed the fishes with golf balls.

"It's just a really neat layout," Salsman said. "You think about golf courses that were designed 20 years ago, and a lot of them haven't stood the test of time. This one has.

"We have 27 holes, and the subtle changes we've made throughout the years, it can play so well for any caliber of golfer."

Think you're a top-notch player? Play from the tips. It will play well over 7,000 yards. The ninth on The River plays a tidy 630 yards.

It's listed as a par 5, but should really be a par 6. Or 7.

"That's more than most anyone needs to bite off," Salsman said. "It's a beast.

"We have some holes out here that are monsters. But at the same time, you have to think your way around the golf course, that's what I like about it."

Don't play from the back tees ... unless you're Rory McIlroy or Adam Scott. But Osage National is quite user friendly with five sets of tees, ranging from 2,483 yards to 3,606 on the three nines.

Enjoy the course. And even more, enjoy the views.

You will.