Is MoDOT's safe and sound bridge project ahead of schedule?

MoDOT's Safe and Sound Bridge Program was created to rehabilitate or replace more than 800 of Missouri TMs lowest rated bridges.

Right now MoDOT is 60-percent done with this five year project.

So is MoDOT on track to be complete this massive project by the end of 2013?

KRCG's Facebook Crew took that question and many others to MoDOT Wednesday to get some answers.

The Turkey Creek Bridge in Boone County is much smoother and safer to drive over now since MoDOT fixed it last year as apart of the Safe and Sound Program.

The bridge over Apple Creek in Perry County was MoDOT's Safe and Sound Program's 500th bridge.

MoDOT said with the completion of the Apple Creek Bridge it put's them way ahead of schedule.

"They're planning to get all the bridges done a year early, MoDOT Susan Ball said.

With road and highway closures, problems can easily arise, but Ball said that hasn't been the case.

"It is very helpful when we close a safe and sound bridge because we don't have to worry about traffic driving back and forth. Even though closing a bridge is an inconvenience for people, we're able to get a bridge completed in 40 days compared to 90 plus days, when it's done the old fashion way, Ball said.

By the old fashion way, Ball means letting traffic through while crews work, or building a temporary bridge so traffic can still flow.

That's exactly what Morgan County residents wanted MoDOT to do while working on the Soap Creek Bridge.

Residents told me back in March they thought closing the bridge would hurt businesses, schools, and first responders.

It's going to affect a lot of people especially if there is an emergency or something like that. Fire trucks have to come from Laurie. Well they're going to have to come all the way around on route 135 to the J road to get to Gravois Mills, Morgan County Resident Gary Rutledge said. A house could either burn down or someone could have a heart attack; and no one could get to them in time."

MoDOT is not building a temporary bridge.

But It's compromising with Morgan County residents by doing construction in the fall, so it don't affect vacationers in the summer months.

Right now MoDOT is repairing two bridges in Central Missouri.

One is in Pettis County and the other is in Camden County.

Crews plan to start work on the Soap Creak Bridge in Morgan County in October.

Here is a full list of Mid-Missouri bridges that still need to be repaired: Auxvasse Creek off Route 94, Davis Creek off Route FF, Reese Fork off Route Y, Fish Creek off Route P, Soap Creek off Route 5, and Barnett Branch off Route A.

There are many more bridges throughout Missour that will be fixed by MoDOT.

If you would like to see a map and the rest of the list click here.

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Is MoDOT's safe and sound bridge project ahead of schedule?

Right now MoDOT is making repairs to two bridges in Missouri. One bridge can be found in Pettis County and the other Camden County.

MoDOT said they still have four more bridges to make repairs to before this year is over.

Tonight at ten KRCG's Facebook Crew talks with MoDOT to see exactly what they're doing to stay ahead of schedule, and how many more bridges throughout Missouri need repairs before this project is completed.